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a házi gondozás területén (TIOP-3.3.2-12/1-2013-0001)

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Five wheelchairs for one price

Technicians of Budapest Gurulo workshop repaired the used wheelchairs in the rehabilitation section  of Visegrad Rehabilitation clinic and thermal bath beloning to Municipalcity of Budapest.  The section was forced to spare these five hardly usable wheelchairs and two pieces of rolator, that they use for carrying patients, or to ease their walking.

Waiting is not useless, because technicians change the stale bearings, fixing the seat cover, and replacing the missing footrests, one wheel-chair was given renewed wheels.

One of the rolators was without brake control level and cable guide, experts equiped the missing accessories. They clean all tools from dust, and dirt from bearings, with this they make easier the applicability. Most tools used for integration, originate from a wheel-chair that is useless.

Broken seat cover holder

Tough the repairments and using of base materials are free of charge presently, the total repairment of the 7 assistive tools would cost HUF 80.000 with the wage as well, that is equal with a cheaper wheel-chair price used in a hospital.

Regular dismantle and the repeated use of these assistive tools can help to all social and public health institution. We consider important, that assisitve tools would not belong to private property, but thye could be lended, because in this way it would be easier to adjust the supply to the changing demand. Repairment of the more expensive assistive tools could be solved simplier and cheaper.